2021 Sustainable Ramadan Bazaar Site Launch and Raffle Ceremony

Ramadan Mampan Bazaar Site Launch and Voting Ceremony 2021 The
                                                                                  Ramadan Mampan Bazaar Site Launch and Voting Ceremony 2021 was held live according to the new norm through an online platform that was broadcast live on MDHS Corporate Facebook today. 

 In this event, MDHS collaborated with TNG DIGITAL Sdn. Bhd. which MDHS previously pioneered in "Cashless Society" strongly encourages all merchants to use e-wallets as one of the transaction methods. At this session, Mrs. Norain Binti Khidir, as a representative from TNG was also invited to give a briefing to the traders. 

A briefing on food handling regulations was delivered by Mr. Aizul Azrin Bin Mohd Badri, Assistant Environmental Health Officer. MDHS always ensures that Ramadan Bazaar traders comply with food handling rules. Also delivering a briefing, the Director of the Licensing Department Mr. Kamaruzzaman bin Abdul Rahman.

The ceremony was officiated by the President of MDHS, Tuan Dr. Mohd Azhar Bin Mohamed Ali. In his speech, Mr. Yang Dipertua advised all traders to always comply with the conditions and regulations that have been stipulated as well as stricter compliance this year based on the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to ensure the benefit of the people, especially traders and also visitors to the Ramadan Bazaar. Mr. Dr. Mohd Azhar also advised traders to be more proactive and creative in an effort to ensure sales continuity by taking the initiative to market businesses online such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp or by using the services of delivery companies such as Food Panda and Grab Food.                                           

The vote draw session was conducted by the members of the area council to represent the traders. The complete list of successful traders with parcel numbers is also displayed on the MDHS official website www.mdhs.gov.my. 

It is hoped that the organization of this year's Sustainable Ramadan Bazaar program will bring benefits to all residents in the administrative area of ​​the Hulu Selangor District Council. May we continue to persevere and persevere in the challenge of fighting the COVID-19 epidemic.



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