MPHS Seized the Massage House


The Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MPHS) has taken confiscation action on a premise that conducts body massage and reflexology business activities without permission in Bukit Sentosa on 15 June 2023.

The operation started at 10.00 pm led by Muhammad Azrul Nizam Mohd Azizi, Director of the MPHS Enforcement Department and assisted by 21 MPHS enforcement officers. The operation was carried out after the premise was found to be in breach of the notice that had been givenissued to stop all business activities.

When the operatives arrived at the location, the door of the premises was not locked and the premises were operating as usual. The inspection found that there were 2 massage therapists (Malay women), a caretaker (Chinese woman), 2 customers (Bangladeshi men), massage equipment and several massage chair bed units were inside. One of the Bangladeshi men was getting a body massage treatment from a female masseuse, on one of the massage beds provided.

The operatives are trying to get an explanation from the custodian of the premises in relation to the business license of the business premises. The caretaker of the premises has shown the license application payment receipt issued by the MPHS Licensing Department to the operational staff.

Explanation was given that the receipt was not a business license and he should have stopped this reflexology massage business as soon as he received the notice (reference no. H15N230022) issued on 6/6/2023.

The owner of the premises agreed with the explanation given and strict action was taken by confiscating 4 sets of reflexology massage chairs on this premises. The confiscation action was carried out under By-laws 3 and 36, Beauty and Health Care Center By-laws (MDHS) 2013 which is to carry out body massage and reflexology business activities without permission. All the confiscated items have been taken to the MPHS detention depot for the detention process and further action.

MPHS would like to remind all business owners and the community to always comply and fulfill the conditions set to avoid strict action being taken against them.



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