Two Food Factories Ordered to Close


The Hulu Selangor Municipal Council (MPHS) together with the Hulu Selangor District Health Office (PKD) and the State Health Department (JKN) have carried out an integrated inspection of food factories in the areas of Bukit Sentosa and Bukit Besikut on 15 June 2023.

A total of 23 operatives were involved in the operation, consisting of 11 MPHS staff, 5 JKN staff and 7 Hulu Selangor PKD staff. In the operation,as many as 2 factories were inspected, namely the egg tofu factory and the Mee Yee Factory.

The results of the inspection found that the premises were in a dirty condition, without updating and hygiene control. In addition, there is also an infestation of pests and irregular storage that can cause food poisoning. The premises also drain the liquid produced from the factory into the public drain and cause the public drain to be clogged and smell bad.

The PKDHS has ordered both factories to be closed because they are below the hygiene standard, i.e. getting a hygiene score below 60%. A total of 7 Section 32B notices were issued with a compound value of RM15,500 to the owner for violating the Food Hygiene Regulations 2009.

The council also issued a total of 11 compounds against the two factories in question, covering the offense of not carrying out pest control, dumping effluents into public drains, dirty premises, arranging storage stores and preparing food that do not follow the rules and running a business without a business license .

As an organization that is concerned about the interests of the public, the Council always prioritizes food safety and public health. Therefore, this operation is carried out to ensure that food business premises have a license and comply with the laws that have been set to ensure the quality of food produced and sold to the public is safe.



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